Brand Ambassador

deutschlandkarte_komplett_grauBeverage concierge has a national network of Brand Ambassadors in the hot spots of Germany. Our brand ambassadors make our brands known, active and experienced, generate listings and also stimulate the clearance sales.

Tastings and personnel training and promotional campaigns in specialized trade and the catering trade are as much to their tasks as taking care to sponsored events and provide ongoing documentation and evaluation of various activities.

The following cities are taken care of:

  • Berlin
  • Köln /  Düsseldorf
  • Frankfurt / Wiesbaden
  • Stuttgart / Freiburg
  • Hamburg / Sylt
  • München

In 2013 the foundation for Beverage Concierge was laid when Stefan Munich started to build up the company with a great level of enthusiasm and commitment. At this early stage, Stefan Munich already had more than 20 years’ experience in the field of beverage distribution. Thanks to his expertise in sales and product marketing the young company experienced rapid growth.

In July 2015, Stefan Fröhlich joined Beverage Concierge as an owner and member of the board. So far, the company has successfully carried out various projects for well-known companies. Furthermore, a formidable base of sales representatives was build up.

For more information on the individual projects, please visit the Reference-section.


Unternehmensfuehrung_Muenich_freigestelltStefan Münich

Core Competencies

Brand building beverages, Sales Director International Markets, sales structures construction and strategic expansion, international network in the beverage industry, Consulting beverage development, positioning and listings


  • About 20 years experience of successful work as a sales executive in international and national beverage distribution and Marketing industries
  • Focus on national and international Key Account
  • Sales Manager for Prestige orientation in On-Trade for worldwide beverage coporations
  • Team management of sales managers, B2B area and On and Off- Trade Agencies
  • Strategic positioning of beverage brands
  • Marketing implementations and concept development for various beverage brands

It’s not enough to know, one must also apply; it is not enough to want, you have to do well. (Goethe)

Unternehmensfuehrung_Froehlich_freigestelltStefan Fröhlich

Core Competencies

Strategy development in consumer goods  and market implementation, management and field-sales staff training and education, Leading Key Account with emphasis on franchising companies, professional caterers and hotels


  • Almost 30 years of successful work as a sales executive in international, national and regional companies as an executive with a national responsibility
  • Focus on national and regional Key Account in trade
  • 9 years Sales Director for hotels, catering trade and wholesale in Germany
  • Team Leader of 7 sales managers and key account managers as well as 40 sales representatives
  • Insider competence for the function as a trainer and business coach in sales, trade and catering
  • Negotiation in complex processes at management level

A head start in life has, who tackles where the others speak first. (JF Kennedy)

About us

We consider ourselves as experts in the field of sales, product marketing and marketing consulting. Nevertheless, beside all this expertise, we are most of all humans.
Apart from perfectly advising our customers, we also place great importance in that the customers are well cared for.

The main focus of our business activities is on the development of visionary and sustainable distribution models. Especially our openness to unconventional ideas makes us the right partner for you.

Our mission is to lead both organisations and individuals on the path to the top of the business. Our range of services is closely linked to the demands of our clients. We are continuously adopting our course in order to provide custom solutions.

We believe that only a both long-term and sustainable partnership and cooperation can create added value and hence the best possible results on the market.

Our values are mainly based on our experience, flexibility and customer focus. Especially our contact network which is a result of decades of development is one of our distinguishing features.

Our employees are highly committed to serve our customers with a high degree of enthusiasm and professional expertise. We are satisfied only when we know that our customers are too. Our tireless commitment in interest groups, organisations and unions makes it possible for us both to share our knowledge and to keep up with continuous development. Based on these principles we are able to continuously maintain a competitive advantage in the market.

Our main goal is to achieve the highest degree of efficiency in daily business.

Even though we do not know what the beverage market of the future will look like, we will definitely take part in creating it.


Project- and Marketingmanagement

Project management on a temporary basis

  • strategic alignment of projects
  • Over the complete project management for the duration of the project
  • Acting as external project manager
  • Evaluation of the project as a project coach


  • Analysis of existing marketingcommunication
  • Branding and productdesign
  • Creation and implementation of campaigns, central idea and guiding theme
  • Development and implementation of several communication measures
Strategic consulting

Market and condition optimization

  • Identification of market changes and developing strategic approaches to benefit from trend changes
  • Geographical expansion range strategies
  • Realignment of the brand portfolio
  • Optimization of conditions systems
  • Cost reduction programs

Optimization of sales

  • Creating Sales Excellence Market development concerning potentials, target customers, sales channels
  • Establishing standards of care Development of CRM and controlling systems
  • Adaptation of the remuneration and incentive system
  • Sales optimization, for example, new sales concepts, reorganization, improved sales management / to increase the effectiveness of the sales organization
Distribution services

Market Entry

  • Network maintenance in the gastronomic environment as with bartenders, buyers, restaurateurs, wholesalers and opinion leaders
  • Offer preparation and release as well as ensuring that the obligations laid discount agreement
  • Implementation of Pulse Chains Development and maintenance of your sales in the operational area
  • Active sales and promotion of your products, activities planning
  • Intensive care for retail, restaurant chains, retailers and distributors (incl. Training) Market Observatory (competition, trends)

Trade marketing

  • Consulting, planning , designing, the Retails , Wholesale and the local distributors Activation of relevant sales channels taking into account the sale influencing groups such as field service , key account and sales staff
  • Development of sales documents , conducting training and / or instructing the sales staff and handling of incentives and goodies


  • Organisation of sales , sales and image promotion at the point of sales (incl. coordination with POS , erection and dismantling of stands and devices , management of POS material)
  • Development of conceptual use proposals
  • Optimal scheduling of trained promoters at the POS (incl. Organization of clothing, giveaways, equipment)
  • Extensive reporting with feedback, sales and customer traffic

Mystery Shopping

  • Conducting mystery shopping programs with test customers
  • Evaluation and presentation of the test results
  • Identification of options for action and initialization of a program to remedy the weaknesses detected

Our Brands

Sales Brands


Why Beverage Concierge?

Because a collaboration with us means for you to make a living from your passion. Discover what makes us distinguishable from others and what we offer our employees.

We are all driven by the same motivation, namely giving a bit extra over what the customer expects. This collective approach has made us strong and is still strengthening our position.


We are looking for you!

We are looking for employees who are willing to take part in our procession of growth and who are persuading continuous individual development. We are seeking new colleagues who enrich our company by contributing their individual strengths, their passion and ideas as well as their professional experiences.
Working with Beverage Concierge implies an inspiring and exciting working environment.


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